Friday, September 14, 2012


Mario Balotelli and new ginger mohican
Red ... Mario shows off his new do
The madcap Italian striker showed off his new do earlier today as he nipped out for petrol in Alderley Edge.
The Manchester City player usually leaves the trademark mohican naturally brown and occasionally highlights it peroxide blonde, but this ginger look is new.
Mario, 22, took his £140,000 Bentley for a top up of petrol and looked like he decided to match his outfit with the bright white car.
Earlier in the day his teammate and captain Vincent Kompany said Mario was unlucky at always being caught out in the public eye.
Mario Balotelli stepping into his car sporting his new red mohican
On me red son ... Mario climbs into his Bentley
In the past he has been at the centre of a number of training ground bust-ups and pranks.
The Belgian defender said: "He’s a great guy. I guess he’s the unluckiest when it comes to being in the public eye.
"Everything he does, the mistakes that he makes that other people do as well, just happen to get caught on camera all the time!"