Sunday, December 25, 2011

New York Tanzanian Community, would like to thank
each and everyone of you for your generous collaboration throughout a year.
I wish you and your families a very blessed festive season and a prosperous New Year 2012.
Yours NYTC Leadership!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kina mama wa Kihindi wanapochachamaa!!

Etienne Tshisekedi, leader of Democratic Republic of Congo's "Union for Democracy and Social
Progress" (UDPS) and self-declared president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, addresses the media during a press conference in Kinshasa. Tshisekedi, officially declared defeated in the November election, insisted Sunday he was president-elect and said he will take the oath this week.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, 69, has died
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Kim Jong Il, North Korea's mercurial and enigmatic leader whose iron rule and nuclear ambitions dominated world security fears for more than a decade, has died. He was 69.
Kim's death 17 years after he inherited power from his father was announced Monday by the state television from the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. The country's "Dear Leader" — reputed to have had a taste for cigars, cognac and gourmet cuisine — was believed to have had diabetes and heart disease.
North Korea has been grooming Kim's third son to take over power from his father in the impoverished nation that celebrates the ruling family with an intense cult of personality.
South Korea put its military on "high alert" and President Lee Myung-bak convened a national security council meeting after the news of Kim's death.
In a "special broadcast" Monday, state media said Kim died of a heart ailment on a train due to a "great mental and physical strain" on Saturday during a "high intensity field inspection."
Kim is believed to have suffered a stroke in 2008 but he had appeared relatively vigorous in photos and video from recent trips to China and Russia and in numerous trips around the country carefully documented by state media.
Kim Jong Il inherited power after his father, revered North Korean founder Kim Il Sung, died in 1994. He had been groomed for 20 years to lead the communist nation founded by his guerrilla fighter-turned-politician father and built according to the principle of "juche," or self-reliance.
In September 2010, Kim Jong Il unveiled his third son, the twenty-something Kim Jong Un, as his successor, putting him in high-ranking posts.

Even with a successor, there had been some fear among North Korean observers of a behind-the-scenes power struggle or nuclear instability upon the elder Kim's death.
Few firm facts are available when it comes to North Korea, one of the most isolated countries in the world, and not much is clear about the man known as the "Dear Leader."
North Korean legend has it that Kim was born on Mount Paekdu, one of Korea's most cherished sites, in 1942, a birth heralded in the heavens by a pair of rainbows and a brilliant new star.
Soviet records, however, indicate he was born in Siberia, in 1941.
Kim Il Sung, who for years fought for independence from Korea's colonial ruler, Japan, from a base in Russia, emerged as a communist leader after returning to Korea in 1945 after Japan was defeated in World War II.
With the peninsula divided between the Soviet-administered north and the U.S.-administered south, Kim rose to power as North Korea's first leader in 1948 while Syngman Rhee became South Korea's first president.
The North invaded the South in 1950, sparking a war that would last three years, kill millions of civilians and leave the peninsula divided by a Demilitarized Zone that today remains one of the world's most heavily fortified.
In the North, Kim Il Sung meshed Stalinist ideology with a cult of personality that encompassed him and his son. Their portraits hang in every building in North Korea and on the lapels of every dutiful North Korean.
Kim Jong Il, a graduate of Pyongyang's Kim Il Sung University, was 33 when his father anointed him his eventual successor.
Even before he took over as leader, there were signs the younger Kim would maintain — and perhaps exceed — his father's hard-line stance.
South Korea has accused Kim of masterminding a 1983 bombing that killed 17 South Korean officials visiting Burma, now known as Myanmar. In 1987, the bombing of a Korean Air Flight killed all 115 people on board; a North Korean agent who confessed to planting the device said Kim ordered the downing of the plane himself.
Kim Jong Il took over after his father died in 1994, eventually taking the posts of chairman of the National Defense Commission, commander of the Korean People's Army and head of the ruling Worker's Party while his father remained as North Korea's "eternal president."
He faithfully carried out his father's policy of "military first," devoting much of the country's scarce resources to its troops — even as his people suffered from a prolonged famine — and built the world's fifth-largest military.
Kim also sought to build up the country's nuclear arms arsenal, which culminated in North Korea's first nuclear test explosion, an underground blast conducted in October 2006. Another test came in 2009.
Alarmed, regional leaders negotiated a disarmament-for-aid pact that the North signed in 2007 and began implementing later that year.
However, the process continues to be stalled, even as diplomats work to restart negotiations.
North Korea, long hampered by sanctions and unable to feed its own people, is desperate for aid. Flooding in the 1990s that destroyed the largely mountainous country's arable land left millions hungry.
Following the famine, the number of North Koreans fleeing the country through China rose dramatically, with many telling tales of hunger, political persecution and rights abuses that officials in Pyongyang emphatically denied.
Kim often blamed the U.S. for his country's troubles and his regime routinely derides Washington-allied South Korea as a "puppet" of the Western superpower.
U.S. President George W. Bush, taking office in 2002, denounced North Korea as a member of an "axis of evil" that also included Iran and Iraq. He later described Kim as a "tyrant" who starved his people so he could build nuclear weapons.
"Look, Kim Jong Il is a dangerous person. He's a man who starves his people. He's got huge concentration camps. And ... there is concern about his capacity to deliver a nuclear weapon," Bush said in 2005.
Kim was an enigmatic leader. But defectors from North Korea describe him as an eloquent and tireless orator, primarily to the military units that form the base of his support.
The world's best glimpse of the man was in 2000, when the liberal South Korean government's conciliatory "sunshine" policy toward the North culminated in the first-ever summit between the two Koreas and followed with unprecedented inter-Korean cooperation.
A second summit was held in 2007 with South Korea's Roh Moo-hyun.
But the thaw in relations drew to a halt in early 2008 when conservative President Lee Myung-bak took office in Seoul pledging to come down hard on communist North Korea.
Disputing accounts that Kim was "peculiar," former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright characterized Kim as intelligent and well-informed, saying the two had wide-ranging discussions during her visits to Pyongyang when Bill Clinton was U.S. president.
"I found him very much on top of his brief," she said.
Kim cut a distinctive, if oft ridiculed, figure. Short and pudgy at 5-foot-3, he wore platform shoes and sported a permed bouffant. His trademark attire of jumpsuits and sunglasses was mocked in such films as "Team America: World Police," a movie populated by puppets that was released in 2004.
Kim was said to have cultivated wide interests, including professional basketball, cars and foreign films. He reportedly produced several North Korean films as well, mostly historical epics with an ideological tinge.
A South Korean film director claimed Kim even kidnapped him and his movie star wife in the late 1970s, spiriting them back to North Korea to make movies for him for a decade before they managed to escape from their North Korean agents during a trip to Austria.
Kim rarely traveled abroad and then only by train because of an alleged fear of flying, once heading all the way by luxury rail car to Moscow, indulging in his taste for fine food along the way.
One account of Kim's lavish lifestyle came from Konstantin Pulikovsky, a former Russian presidential envoy who wrote the book "The Orient Express" about Kim's train trip through Russia in July and August 2001.
Pulikovsky, who accompanied the North Korean leader, said Kim's 16-car private train was stocked with crates of French wine. Live lobsters were delivered in advance to stations.
A Japanese cook later claimed he was Kim's personal sushi chef for a decade, writing that Kim had a wine cellar stocked with 10,000 bottles, and that, in addition to sushi, Kim ate shark's fin soup — a rare delicacy — weekly.
"His banquets often started at midnight and lasted until morning. The longest lasted for four days," the chef, who goes by the pseudonym Kenji Fujimoto, was quoted as saying.
Kim is believed to have curbed his indulgent ways in recent years and looked slimmer in more recent video footage aired by North Korea's state-run broadcaster.
Kim's marital status wasn't clear but he is believed to have married once and had at least three other companions. He had at least three sons with two women, as well as a daughter by a third.
His eldest son, Kim Jong Nam, 38, is believed to have fallen out of favor with his father after he was caught trying to enter Japan on a fake passport in 2001 saying he wanted to visit Disney's Tokyo resort.
His two other sons by another woman, Kim Jong Chul and Kim Jong Un, are in their 20s. Their mother reportedly died several years ago.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Kwa kutumbuiza katika Sherehe za miaka 50 ya Uhuru
Ijumaa 9 na Jumamosi 10 Dec 2011 Berlin Hapatoshi FFU wa Ngoma Africa Band kutoa burudani ya kukata na Mundu, CD ya "50 Uhuru Anniversary" inatamba Redioni

Watanzania wanaoishi Ujerumani ! na Full Shangwe ya Miaka 50 ya Uhuru !

Berlin Chereko !Chereko ! Umoja wa Tanzania Ujerumani (UTU) kuzinduliwa rasmi ! 10-12-2011 Berlin!

Kikosi Kazi cha Ngoma Africa band aka FFU,kimeshatua mjini Berlin kwa kazi moja tu, nayo ni kushambulia na muziki wake katika kusherekea miaka 50 ya uhuru wa Tanzania.

Kuanzia 9 hadi 10-Dec-2011 mjini Berlin ambako ndipo hupo Ubalozi wa Tanzania na ndio mji mkuu wa Ujerumani,kutakuwa hapatoshi kwani sherehe hizo zitaambatana na ufunguzi wa UMOJA WA WATANZANIA UJERUMANI (UTU) siku ya jumamosi 10-12-2011,umoja huo unawaunganisha watanzania wote waishio ujerumani,ulitiliwa nguvu na balozi Mh.Ngemera, umeshasajiliwa na viongozi wake ni Bw.Mfundo Peter Mfundo(mwenyekiti) na Bi.Tullalumba Mloge (katibu),utaratibu unaonyesha kuwa sherehe hizo mjini Berlin zitaanza saa 9 mchana hadi usiku usio kwisha ambapo Ngoma Africa Band aka FFU,watatumbuiza na muziki wao,mahala patakapo fanyika sherehe Apostelkirche 1, 10738 Berlin,


sikiliza muziki at


Mpiganaji wenu Henry Kapinga wa Blog yenu ya KAPINGAZ Blog leo Tarehe 8/12 ndio siku aliyozaliwa.
Nawashukuru wale wote walionipa Hongera kwa kuukaribia uzee, sasa sijui kama ni wote mnaupenda uzee, manake fainali yake ni shughuli.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear friend,

The New York Tanzanian Community in collaboration with the Tanzania Mission to the United Nations is inviting you to join us in celebrating 50 Years Independence Anniversary to be held on Saturday, December 10th 2011 at Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center from 1:00pm to 11:00pm. This venue is located at the following address: 3940 Broadway New york, NY 10032 (at the corner of Broadway and 165th street).
The Guest of honor will be Ambassador Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar from Washington, DC. Ambassador Ombeni Sefue will also be among our special guests. There will be a wide ranging activities including a fashion show put together by our own Asya Isador from Tanzania, music by Miriam Kimosa, Bongo Flavor music, Mzee Yussuf the king of Taarab, The Sound of Taarab, The Grown Up African Show, networking, Tanzania food, poems, music by Dj Mao and Dj Tahir and much more.
There will also be business exhibitions showcasing Tanzanian businesses here in the US and in Tanzania. We ask for your contribution (minimum $30) from each one of you to cover the expenses for this event. In addition, we ask for sponsors willing to pay more to make this event a great success. For those who would like to showcase their businesses contact us ASAP as table spaces are limited.
Please, contact any of the following NYTC leaders: Chairman Hajji (347-623-8965); Vice-Chair Miriam (914-316-2814); or Secretary Shabani (347-712-8539) for more information or if you have any questions.

Because of limited seats please register now online at WWW.NYTANZANIANCOMMUNITY.ORG
Best regards,
NYTC Secretary

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Luteni Peter Kapinga
Tarehe 26/11/2011 Rais wa Jamuhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania kama Amiri Jeshi Mkuu aliwatunuku Kamisheni wanachuo wa Chuo cha kijeshi cha Monduli Mkoani Arusha.

Peter akiwa mmoja wa wahitimu hao anapenda kuwashukuru wote ambao walioshiriki katika kumsaidia kwa namna moja na nyingine mpaka amefikia hapo alipofikia, zaidi anapenda kumshukuru Dada ake Esther Mbapila pamoja na Mr Mbapila kwa kushiriki katika mchakato wote mpaka akafanikisha kupata alichokihitaji.