Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FFU wa Ngoma Africa band walivyovamia mji wa Heidelberg,Ujerumani
na kuwadatisha akili washabiki Jumamosi ya 25.06.2011  katika mshike mshike wa usiku usio kwisha !

FFU wa Ngoma Africa band wakiwa kibaruani katika gwaride la usiku usio kwisha !
mjini Heidelberg,Ujerumani,katika onyesho lililofanyika usiku wa jumamosi ya 25.06.2011
ambalo lilikuwa na shamra shamra na kuwadatisha akili wa shabiki,kila mshabiki alidata
kiaina yake..kutokana na midundo ya kikosi kazi hiko cha Ngoma Africa band aka FFU,
mlindimo wa mziki wa bendi hiyo una wanasa washabiki kila kona huko ughaibuni,kunaunguaga
shoka na mpini unabaki. ,vichaa wetu FFU bado wanaendelea kupereka
virungu vya miziki kila kona ughaibuni...usikose kuwachungulia katika FFU Camp at

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 Jengo la Wanaigeria Umoja wa Mataifa!

Corner ya 42nd na 8 Avenue (picha tatu za juu)

 Kituo cha treni barabara ya 42nd

 Kona ya 6 Avenue na barabara ya 42( picha mbili za juu)

 Bustani ya Bryant karibu na Maktaba kuu

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Namshukuru Mwenyazi Mungu kwa kunijalia maisha na afya njema na kuniwezesha kufikia hapa nilipo leo na naendelea kumuomba Mola wetu anijalie mimi na familia yangu afya njema na maisha mema zaidi yenye amani na upendo.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


 Manhattan Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge
Lile song lililojipatia umaarufu katika kila kona "Rushwa ni Adui wa Haki" kutoka kwao Ngoma Africa Band aka FFU yenye maskani yake Ujerumani,sasa wimbo huo umetua na unasikika katika kambi ya FFU .song hilo lenye ujumbe muhim kwa jamii ni utunzi wake kiongozi wa bendi hiyo Kamanda Ras Makunja, wa FFU ughaibuni. wimbo huo wenye mistari mitatu mitamu na mingine ya uchachu lakini yote ina umuhimu wake kwa jamii...,unasikika at

Pia kikosi cha Ngoma Africa band kitumbuiza jukwaani jumamosi 25.06.2011 mjini Heidelberg, na Jumapili 26.06.2011 mjini Freudenstadt,huko Ujerumani.
wasikilize FFU at

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ndugu,Jamaa na Marafiki,

Kwa masikitiko makubwa tunapenda kuwaatarifu ya kuwa mama Aurelia Kinyaiya, amefariki dunia  Jumamosi [June 11th 2011] Memorial Hospital,Minneapolis Minnesota. Marehemu ni mama mzazi wa Elifaa na David Kinyaiya waishio Minnesota, na Alekunda Mmari aishiye Washington D.C.
Maandalizi ya kusafirisha mwili wa marehemu yanaendelea nyumbani kwa Elifaa, Minneapolis -Minnesota.

Makadirio ya gharama za kusafirisha mwili pamoja na watakaosindikiza kwenda Tanzania kwa ajili ya mazishi ni $25,000.

Kama ilivyo desturi yetu, tunaombwa kuungana na familia ya Kinyaiya katika kukamilisha mipango ya kusafirisha mwili.

Unaweza kutuma mchango wako kwa njia zifuatazo;

1: WellsFargo Bank Wire transfer: Route # 530000509, Ac # 3165545314, Jina: Elifaa Kinyaiya au David Kinyaiya.

2.Western Union & MoneyGram : Zote zitumwe kwa:Neville Lema [612-964-4218].

3.Hundi (cheki) kwa: Elifaa Kinyaia :10716 Scott Avenue N,Brooklyn Park,MN 555443.

Msiba upo nyumbani kwa Elifaa & David Kinyaia :10716 Scott Avenue N,Brooklyn Park,MN 555443.

Unaweza kuwasiliana na wafiwa kwa namba zifuatazo:
Elifaa:641-583-1189 ,
David 952-215-1116,
Alekunda 202-375-3847.
Lilian Maina 612-669-2782

Kwa taarifa zaidi, wasiliana na;

Honest Tesha:651-343-3209,
Riwa 952-457-0599,
Mollel 651-334-0163,
Denis Shengena 952-992-9489,
Erick Lemunge 651-398-1861.
Flaviana Tesha 651 329 4521

Bwana Ametoa, Bwana Ametwaa. Jina la Bwana Libarikiwe.


Jackson Mollel kwa niaba ya familia
Mavericks top Heat 105-95 for NBA title

For Dirk Nowitzki, the resume is complete. He's an NBA champion. For LeBron James, the agonizing wait continues for at least one more year.
Avenging what happened five years ago in perfect turnabout style, the Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA title by winning Game 6 of these finals in Miami 105-95 on Sunday night — celebrating on the Heat's home floor, just as Dwyane Wade and his team did to them in the 2006 title series.
"I really still can't believe it," said Nowitzki, who had 21 points and took home finals MVP honors.
The Mavericks won four of the series' last five games, a turnabout that could not have been sweeter after seeing the Heat celebrate their first title in Dallas after Game 6 of the 2006 finals.
"Tonight," Jason Terry said, "we got vindication." James did not. Not even close, and a year unlike any other ended they way they all have so far — with him still waiting for an NBA title.
He scored 21 points for Miami, shook a few hands afterward, and departed before most of the Mavs tugged on their championship hats and T-shirts. Chris Bosh had 19, Mario Chalmers 18 and Dwyane Wade 17 for the Heat.

"We worked so hard and so long for it," Nowitzki said. "The team has had an unbelievable ride."
So did the Heat. Unlike Dallas, theirs wasn't a joyride.
"It goes without saying," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "You're never really prepared for a moment like this. ... Neither team deserved this championship more than the other, but Dallas earned it."
Make no mistake: Miami lost the finals, but the blame will be directed at James. Even he knew that after the way he left Cleveland with "The Decision" and all the animus that generated not just in Ohio but around the entire league, the only way he could silence some critics was with a title.
Instead, he got more criticism — and a thinly veiled jab from his former owner with the Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, who reveled in the moment on Twitter.
"Mavs NEVER stopped & now entire franchise gets rings," Gilbert wrote. "Old Lesson for all: There are NO SHORTCUTS. NONE."

Mavs coach Rick Carlisle joined a highly elite group, those with NBA titles as both a player and a head coach. Only 10 other men are on that list, including the presumably retired-for-good Phil Jackson, one of Carlisle's mentors in K.C. Jones, and Heat President Pat Riley — who led Miami past Dallas in 2006, and was the mastermind of what the Heat did last summer by getting James, Wade and Bosh on the same team with an eye on becoming a dynasty. It might still happen, of course.
But even after 72 wins this season, including playoffs, the Heat lost the last game. And that means this year was a disappointment — except to just about everyone else in the NBA, or so it would seem.
"This is a true team," Carlisle said. "This is an old bunch. We don't run fast or jump high. These guys had each other's backs. We played the right way. We trusted the pass. This is a phenomenal thing for the city of Dallas."

Hating the Heat became the NBA's craze this season, and the team knew it had no shortage of critics, everyone from Cleveland (where "Cavs for Mavs" shirts were popular during these finals) to Chicago (the city James and Wade both flirted with last summer) and just about every place in between lining up to take shots at Miami.

Given their newfound popularity, meet the new America's Team. Sorry, Cowboys — your long-held moniker might have to be ceded to your city's NBA club. When it was over, Mavs owner Mark Cuban ran onto the court to hug Carlisle, then punched the air and whooped.
When the Mavericks took a 2-0 lead in Dallas during the '06 finals, plans for their victory parade were announced. The Mavs didn't win another game in that series.

Now, that parade will finally happen. And when it's over, then the league's uncertainty will truly begin. Labor strife likely awaits, and although more talks geared toward movement on a new deal are scheduled for this week, both owners and players are bracing for a lockout to begin once the current collective bargaining agreement expires June 30.

What happens with the next deal may affect the Heat more than anyone. Some owners will insist on a hard cap, rolled-back salaries and, potentially, trying to bust some current deals — which could break up the Big 3 before get another chance to win a title together. A gloomy end to the season may bring an even gloomier offseason for Miami.

"Every situation has felt like it was an our-back-against-the-wall situation," James said Sunday morning, hours before Game 6 began. "We've been able to figure it out and find our way through and scratch our way through. This is the last test. This is the last pop quiz for us that we need to pass in order to make it all worth it."

They didn't pass. So therefore, it wasn't all worth it. Except, of course, from the Dallas perspective.
Miami had chances to take command and wasted them all. The Heat missed 13 of their 33 free throws, let the Mavericks score 27 points off turnovers and simply could not get a rebound in the final minutes.

Nowitzki finished 9 for 27, and the Mavs still won. He was 1 for 12 in the first half, and they were still ahead, 53-51, thanks largely to Terry's 19 points on 8-of-10 shooting, along with a 17-4 edge in points off turnovers. Plus, after James got off to such a fast start, he had two points in the final 19-plus minutes of the half. James didn't score in the second half until a layup with 1:49 remained in the third — his first field-goal attempt since 1:05 remained in the half. Kidd made a 3-pointer late in the period, pushing the Dallas lead to 79-71, and it seemed like the only people standing in the arena were the players, referees, Cuban and a few guys around the Dallas bench.

Dallas took control in the second half after some wild back-and-forths in the opening two quarters. Miami took its last lead of the game — the season — just 64 seconds into the second half, lost it 16 seconds later and chased the Mavericks the rest of the way. They never caught them.

Jason Kidd, at 38 years old, got his first championship. Nowitzki got his at 32, Terry at 33. They were featured on the video screen in their building in Dallas during this series on what seemed like a constant loop, each posing with the NBA trophy and looking longingly at it, standing mere inches from it, as if to say "so close, yet so far away." No more. It's theirs.

Nowitzki sealed it with 2:27 left, hitting a jumper near the Miami bench to put Dallas up 99-89, and some fans actually began leaving. Nowitzki walked to the Mavs' side slowly, right fist clenched and aloft.

He knew it. Everyone did. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra implored his team to foul in the final minute, and even then, they couldn't catch the Mavericks.

"All those unique individual stories is what propelled us to this victory," Terry said.
Dallas expected a big early push from Miami, and the Mavs' suspicions were proved correct. James made his first four shots, and the Heat raced out to a 20-11 lead. It was erased — and then some — quickly, as soon as Dallas went to the zone defense that befuddled Miami again.

Dallas needed 5 1/2 minutes to rip off a 21-4 run, making 9 of 12 shots during the stretch. And much of that came with Nowitzki on the bench with two fouls, the first time he's been whistled for more than one in the opening quarter of a playoff game this season.

The Mavs were off and running. DeShawn Stevenson made a pair of 3-pointers within a span of 24 seconds to give Dallas a 40-28 lead with 9:42 left in the half. Dallas turned Miami's first six turnovers into 14 points, and the hundreds of blue-clad Mavs fans stood and roared, with Cuban waving his arms as if to lead the cheers from behind his team's bench.

Things turned quickly and got heated for good measure. Miami scored the next 14 points to reclaim the lead at 42-40, a streak snapped only after Stevenson, Udonis Haslem and Chalmers got technicals with 6:25 left in the half after a midcourt mini-melee with mostly amounted to some words and a couple of shoves.

"A player will not automatically be suspended for leaving the bench if he has already left the bench because a timeout was called," the NBA announced later in the game. "However, we need to review the circumstances of this particular incident, which we will do, after the game."
So the NBA will watch replays. The Heat, they probably won't — not for a long while. It was 81-72 entering the fourth, after Ian Mahinmi made a foul-line jumper as time expired in the third, just his third basket of the entire series.

None were bigger. The Mavs could taste a title. Of the principal characters from the 2006 series, only Cuban, Nowitzki and Terry remain from the Mavericks' side, and for them, the beginning of this championship celebration seemed sweeter than even they could have imagined. Terry won't have to get his tattoo — the one of the NBA championship trophy — removed, which he vowed to have done if Miami won this series. Nowitzki will never be in the conversation of 'Best player without a title' again.

James is clearly the one with that most-unwanted label now. NOTES: Carlisle improved to 11-3 as a coach with a chance to close out an opponent. ... James got a 21-minute rest in the second quarter in real time, thanks to that midcourt dustup and the referees taking several minutes to look at replays before doling out the technicals. ... Marc Anthony sang the national anthem, then took a courtside seat near the Heat bench.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dear friend,
On the behalf of the Executive Committee of New York Tanzanian Community, I would like to invite you to a meeting with the Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Mohammed Gharib Bilal to be held at the residence of the Tanzanian Ambassador to the UN this weekend, Sunday June 12th, 2011 at 2:00pm.
The venue's address is: 30 Overhill Road, Mount Vernon NY 10552.
I urge you to come to this important meeting to learn more about what is happening in Tanzania politically, socially and economically from one of our top nation's leaders and also to exchange ideas on how we can take part in the process of economic development while here and, most importantly, taking advantage of investment opportunities offered back home. Please, be sure to arrive to the meeting on time.
In addition,for those who have not yet joined New Yok Tanzanian community, I encourage you to do so as during this event. You can print membership forms from our website at and be sure to bring the membership fee as well, which is $50 for six months or $100 for one year. I thank those of you who have already joined our organization. More information about how to join our organization is in our website.
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Vincent Mughwai
Secretary General

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jamaa kachemsha . . . mambo ya mayaya tulizani ni kwa nchi kama za zetu na kwa watu  tunaowaita wa kawaida,  kumbe sivyo!!!

Summer ndiyo hiyo tena inakaribia na jijini New York pameanza kupamba moto kwa kila anayeweza kufurahia kipindi hiki cha karibu miezi mitatu kutoka nje na kufurahia kajoto kabda ya LIBARIDI kuanza tena.

Ndugu. Kwa mara nyingine nawakilisha ombi la kunisaidia kutangaza (wakati wowote upatapo nafasi) kuhusu Dada mdogo RENATHA BENEDICTO ambaye tumepoteana kwa takriban miaka 12 sasa.

Renatha alikuwa mwanafunzi wa shule ya Sekondari Kibasila jijini Dar kati ya mwaka 1998 - 2001 na baada ya hapo alienda Songea TTC kujiunga na masomo ya ualimu. Pia alikuwa kati ya wahanga wa ajali mbaya ya Tawfiq iliyotokea tarehe kama ya leo mwaka 1999 ambapo alikuwa msaada mkubwa saana kuokoa maisha yangu. (Maelezo kamili yako

Niliwasiliana naye kwa miaka miwili iliyofuata mpaka alipoenda chuoni Songea nami nikaondoka nchini mwaka 2003 na kwa miaka mingi sasa nimekuwa nikijitahidi saana kumtafuta bila mafanikio. Naomba kama anaweza kusoma ama kuna anayesoma na kumfahamu anisaidie kuwasiliana naye.

Email yangu ni


Friday, June 3, 2011



Mchagga mmoja alidondoka kwenye kisima cha maji akapiga kelele huku anatapatapa, mkewe akaja na kamba mpya akamrushia:-

Mume akauliza: “Umenunua sh. ngapi?”

Mke akamjibu: “ELFU MOJA.”

Mume akamwambia: “Irudishe nenda kwa Masawe anauza “MIA TANO” fanya haraka ntazama!!!!”

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Je! Unamkumbuka shujaa wetu wa enzi hizo? Kwa kweli hatujui kumetokea nini, lakini ni wazi kwamba Taifa linahitaji wajitokeze kina Bayi wengine. Hivi tutaendelea kudorora mpaka lini?