Saturday, January 26, 2013

I wouldn't say I don't like Mariah Carey... but she definitely doesn't like me': Nicki Minaj opens up about catty American Idol feud

Nicki Minaj wore a garish Roberto Cavalli outfit for her performance on Jimmy Kimmel
Nicki wore a garish trouser suit for her appearance on the show, which Kimmel immediately commented on.
'Where do you get stuff like this? Do you have to make it?' 
'No!' she said, 'It's Roberto Cavalli, you can buy it in stores.' 
He went on to praise her judging skills on the talent show, saying that she seems solid and reasonable, which is the opposite of her public persona.
Nicki's performance was praised heavily on Twitter, and not just by her 'barbs' 
Nicki performed several songs to a screaming crowd outside the studios 
Nicki Minaj wore a suit with lavish pattern and a pair of desert boots for her trip to Kimmel's sofa 
The eyes have it: Nicki stares seductively at the audience as she takes a break between songs 
'A lot of people don't like their co-workers at their offices, but your office is on television and so when you have skirmishes everyone sees them. And clearly, you and Mariah Carey do not like each other,' he probed.
'I wouldnt say I don't like her, I definitely don't think she likes me,' Nicki replied, adding that despite this, she makes a fair bit of effort to be friendly. 
'I try, as I looked up to her for a long time, so I don't want to hate on this lady, but she had an issue from the beginning. We're having fun though.
'I genuinely like going there, even Mariah and I, we really do have fun. 
But while she might be making waves on reality TV, Nicki was there to do what she does best - perform.
Nicki was backed by a live band as she took to the stage to sing Va Va Voom and Freedom
Both Nicki's trousers and cap featured leopard print pattern
She took to a special outdoor stage to perform Va Va Voom and Freedom in front of an overexcited audience.
Writhing and singing to the music of a live band, Nicki added a jaunty leopard print hat to her already clashing outfit.
Nicki had a pink microphone for her special showcase
Nicki opened up about her feud with Mariah Carey, her fellow judge on American Idol
 Nicki shows off her inimitable figure