Thursday, January 31, 2013

Swapping Hollywood for Bollywood! Judi Shekoni dances in gold bikini on Mumbai beach as she shoots new film

New Bollywood star: Judi Shekoni wears a revealing gold bikini as she shoots scenes for her new film Club Dancer in Mumbai on Thursday

The 30-year-old, who is now a regular at Hollywood red carpets events, has clearly made the decision to broaden her horizons and try her hand at a Bollywood film.
And the British actress seemed to be a natural as she perfected the dance moves on the sands of the Arabian beach, showing off her Amazonian figure in the tiny bikini.

Adding an open lace white dress over the top of the metallic swimwear, the star emerged from the sea with her arms outstretched as the cameras rolled.
She's got the moves: The Twilight star dances around on the sand after swapping Hollywood for Bollywood
New industry: After making her name in Hollywood, Judi has decided to try her hand in Bollywood films

With her long black hair flowing down her back, the Breaking Dawn Part II actress pulled off a sultry look as she made eye-contact with the camera.

Judi then showed off her Bollywood dance moves barefoot on the wet sand, with a group of professional dancers behind her, in traditional style.

Despite looking on fine form, the actress had tweeted that she'd been feeling unwell on her flight just a few days before.

Amazonian: Judi makes the most of her killer figure as she poses for a series of sultry shots
'I have a cold so nose blocked & now both ears haven't popped from plane :( Feel like I'm trapped inside of a pillow! How do I pop my ears?,' she wrote to her followers.
But she seemed to perk up when she landed and kicked off her Indian trip with a series of radio interviews to promote her forthcoming film.
The day before leaving for Mumbai, Judi had stopped by the Sundance Film Festival in Utah to catch some screening. 
Change of pace: The British actress reclines on a sun lounger as the camera rolls