Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bad dog, Sunny! The moment Obama's new pup knocked over a little girl at Michelle's White House Christmas decoration ceremony

Watching it happen: The White House pastry chefs could clearly tell something was awry 

Knocked down: Mrs Obama tried pulling Sunny back after Ashtyn Gardner hit the floor

Down but not out: Michelle Obama pulls Sunny back away from Ashtyn Gardner after the 1.5-year-old pup knocked the girl down. Just over the first lady's elbow is Ashtyn's proud dad, who chuckles as his daughter refuses to cry

Bo on the sidelines: The family's older dog appeared only after the altercation had calmed down

Damage control: Mrs Obama looked more concerned about the run-in than Ashtyn herself

The aftermath: The situation was resolved amicably as Ashtyn gave Sunny another chance

Making up for harm done: Mrs Obama gave the little girl a big hug to apologize for the dog's behavior

Sharing the spotlight: This is the first year that the decorations will feature both of the Obama's dogs, with custom decorations showing Bo's white patches and Sunny's all-black fur

Special attention: Since the Obamas moved into the White House, the first party unveiling the annual Christmas decorations every year has been held for a crowd of military families

Decking the halls: In addition to using a crew of volunteers, a number of specialists from the Obama's hometown of Chicago are believed to have helped with the 2013 decorations

Using their talents: The children were occupied by various arts and crafts projects