Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ship shape-ly! Rihanna takes a boat trip in Barbados wearing as many blue hues as she can manage in one skimpy outfit

Blue hues! Rihanna teamed not quite 50 shades of blue for her beach look

Beach baby! Rihanna was looking sexier than ever in her multiple shades of blue boat ride outfit
While RiRi got to carry her bag, one of her helpers appeared to be in charge of the alcohol for the trip
Shoes off and it was time for RiRi to jump onboard for her boat ride

Quick check! RiRi appeared to be making sure that all was in order with her sexy outfit

Tourist trap! RiRi doesn't look too pleased to be photographed at the beach by the many onlookers and tourists
While she put on a pair of simple white gym boots for the occasion, she didn't disappoint when it came it accessorizing either.
All tied up! RiRi tries to take her shoes off while she gets swamped with tourists at the beach wanting to take her photo

Still checking! Rihanna appears to have found something on her skin that she's not too happy about

Ship shape! Rihanna hops on to the boat looking in fabulously fashionable form
She was ferried from the beach in one small boat to a larger coastguard vessel where she tossed off her denim shirt and seemed quite happy to have some moments of solitude to herself on the high seas.

Team Rihanna appear to have everything in control once she's onboard

Once things got underway, Rihanna took off her denim top and the party started to happen on the boat
Thumbs up! Rihanna was happy to be ferried from the beach out to the bigger vessel with her posse
Shoes back on but shirt off! Rihanna didn't seem to mind she was a little under-dressed for the occasion
Breezy! Rihanna was feeling the wind in her hair as she sailed off on the Barbados coastguard vessel
The generous star shared a picture of herself standing in front of a Christmas tree surrounded by sacks of presents with the caption 'These bagz are genius! But heavy! #MeRIH #Christmas (sic).' 
Wearing a number of bangles and huge hoop earrings, she enjoyed some down time with her loved ones after a busy year. 
Rihanna looked every inch the star on the ship, with her outfit just as fashion forward as ever
Not going overboard! Rihanna kept her outfit simple...and skimpy!
Alone at last! After the busy Christmas time with her parents Rihanna seemed content to have some quality time with herself onboard
One cute snap shows Rihanna jumping out of a cardboard box, the perfect present for her family, with a huge smile on her face. 
A black and white picture portrays Rihanna and her younger brother Rajad smiling sweetly for the camera. 
The most precious gift Rihanna received was her beloved grandmother Dolly's bible with her handwritten notes. 
Just the two of us: This cute snap shows Rihanna hanging out with her beloved younger brother Rajad at their family home in Barbados
Dolly died in June 2012 following a cancer battle and Rihanna was devastated. 
Joking around: Rihanna struck a pose as she joked around with her pregnant cousin