Wednesday, January 29, 2014


This aerial photo shows stranded vehicles on I-20 near Leeds, Alabama on Wednesday after a winter storm dumped snow in central and southern parts of the state
The I-75 Chattahoochee River overpass near downtown Atlanta was littered with abandoned cars today after a winter snow storm slammed the city with just over 2 inches of snow on Tuesday
Not going anywhere fast: The roads surrounding Atlanta were clogged with 18-wheeler trucks that were unable to move after two inches of snow fell
Brookhaven police monitor a car fire in a vehicle left overnight by a motorist who was stranded by impassable roads after winter weather moved through Georgia
It was disaster on the roads on Wednesday morning in Atlanta, Georgia after hundreds of drivers abandoned their cars
Thick ice has created a waterfall effect on a hill as traffic moves south on I-75 in Covington, Kentucky where temperatures remain in single digits
The ice-covered interstate system outside of downtown Atlanta was virtually empty today after other stretches of highway were snarled with traffic 
Cody Carpp, left, and Michael Gane, both of Mobile, Alabama, walk through Bienville Square as ice covers downtown and temperatures remain below freezing on Wednesday
Traffic moves slowly on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as a rare snowstorm pummeled the American South over the past 24 hours
Elsewhere, Virginia's coast had up to 10 inches of snow, North Carolina had up to 8 inches on parts of the Outer Banks, South Carolina had about 4 inches and highways were shut down in Louisiana.

A teacher at E. Rivers Elementary school covers sleeping children in the gymnasium of the school who were forced to stay in the aftermath of a winter storm in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday night
Firefighters work to clear a jack-knifed semi-truck that slid onto the median on U.S. Highway 98 in Mary Esther, Florida in the icy road conditions
A Best Buy parking lot shows the effects of a winter snow storm on tire tracks on Wednesday
In this aerial view looking south toward downtown Atlanta, the ice-covered interstate system shows the remnants of a winter snow storm
In this aerial view of Hoover, Alabama, vehicles sit on and near the road after commuters pleaded for help via cellphones while still holed up in their cars for hours while others trudged miles home, abandoning their vehicles outright
Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed took some of the blame for schools, businesses and government all letting out at the same time, and he said they should have staggered their closings.
Cars sit on an impassable steep road in Hoover, Alabama after icy weather chaos gripped the South as a tractor-trailer sits spun out while trying to get around stalled vehicles on I-65 North into Birmingham, Alabama
One Atlanta school district admitted that 90 buses full of students had been stranded on roads overnight on Tuesday
A hill looks dramatic covered in ice on Wednesday in Covington, Kentucky where temperatures remain in single digits following a snow storm in the South 
Deadly winter storm grips the South causing traffic chaos
Neither Governor Deal nor Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed would accept blame for the fact that thousands of people left schools, government offices and places of business at the same time - leading to huge congestion and pile-ups on the roads. However Deal placed some blame on the drivers of 18-wheeler trucks who had not placed chains on their tires. 

The National Guard was sending military Humvees onto Atlanta's snarled freeway system in an attempt to move stranded school buses and get food and water to people.

'We are all in this together and we will get through it together,' read a statement from police in Anniston, Alabama. 'What was to be a simple dusting (of snow) has turned into something more. None of us were prepared.'
Traffic moves south on Interstate 75 past a hill covered with ice today in Covington, Kentucky
Kevin Moore hands out snacks and water to a stranded motorist on Interstate 285 in Dunwoody, Georgia as Sunny Walker, a stranded motorist, holds her two dogs while in her truck Wednesday
Customers were forced to sleep at a Home Depot in Atlanta after they became stranded overnight when roads because iced over and treacherous
Angela Spain picks up her kids Neeley and Joel after a snow and ice storm stranded them at their school in Birmingham, Alabama. Pictured right, Johanna Klingler shields herself from the wind on Wednesday as she crosses Brooks Bridge in flip-flops on the way to work at Publix supermarket on Wednesday amid a snow storm in Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Stranded motorists take shelter overnight at a pharmacy in Atlanta after the frozen road surfaces caused chaos and left many drivers stranded
In this view looking at Cobb Parkway at I-285, abandoned cars are piled up on the median of the ice-covered road after a winter snow storm slammed the city with over 2 inches of snow that turned highways into parking lots creating massive traffic jams lasting through Wednesday
People rest at the aisle of a Publix grocery store after being stranded due to a snow storm in Atlanta. Kienan Dietrich sleeps at the aisle of a Publix grocery store after being stranded 
Motorists abandon their vehicles on Georgia State Highway 140 near the bottom of the large hill on Tuesday as a vicious winter storm set in
A flaming car wreck in Georgia on a treacherous, icy road. At least one fatality had been reported in the state
Police assist at a five-car pileup early on Wednesday in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Hundreds of crashes were being reported across the state due to snowy conditions
NBC reported from Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon that dozens of children were still stranded inside one elementary school due to the ice. Georgia Power reported on Wednesday that 1,600 customers has power outages, according to 
The governors of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi declared states of emergency.
On Wednesday morning, traffic was inching along on Southern highways as the ice remained treacherous and up to two inches thick in some parts. Fuel was also proving a problem as motorists stuck overnight began to move again. 
There were fatal crashes and hundreds of fender-benders across the South. Jackknifed 18-wheelers littered Interstate 65 in central Alabama.
Children play on a sand dune covered with snow after a rare ice storm blanked the normally warm city of Charleston, South Carolina
At least someone's having fun! Kelvin Pena, 21, Matthew Bell, 22, Christopher Nunez, 19 and Emanuel Austin, 24, from left, Marines assigned to 2d Battalion, 10th Marines, Camp Lejeune in Florida enjoy the ride on a makeshift toboggan on Wednesday. Right, Colby Daniels from Daphne slides down a hill in Alabama
Vehicles that were abandoned on Tuesday evening in Dunwoody, Georgia as traffic snarled in the freezing, snowy conditions
A car sits abandoned in the middle of the Southbound Connector in Atlanta after a rare snowstorm stopped commuters in their tracks
Ice shut down bridges on Florida's panhandle and the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, one of the world's longest spans, in Louisiana.