Saturday, February 15, 2014

A giant tongue slide, a marijuana leaf leotard and crotch grabbing: Miley Cyrus kicks off her Bangerz tour with VERY raunchy performance

Advertising: Miley's cannibis-inspired bodysuit was perhaps the most eye-catching of all her 12 costumes on Friday night
Riding the hood of a car, the Wrecking Ball singer spread eagled her legs as she dropped her microphone over her crotch in a racy dance portion of the show.
That's a mouthful: The 21-year-old rode a tongue slide to open her show
Showing her true colours: The Wrecking Ball singer displayed some of assets whilst onstage
Wild night: The Bangerz backup dancers got quite hands on with Miley
Car wash: Miley slid around the hood of a low rider vehicle
Belting it out: Miley crooned as she backup performers swayed behind her
The drug-friendly performance featured chequered clad female back dancers along with furry animal costumed performers who Miley made sure to rub up against.
Riding the hood: The Wrecking Ball singer performed some raunchy moves
Costume change: The star slipped into racy red number for a raunchy dance number
Taking a knee: The blonde bobbed singer played to the packed crowd
Sliding in: The young woman showed off some of her now infamous moves
Just prior to her performance Miley shared an Instagram video from backstage.
Courting controversy: The star simulated oral sex on a dancer who happened to be dressed as former US President Bill Clinton