Friday, March 7, 2014

I'm Not In A Serious Relationship Because I'm Scared Of Men

Readers, please do not see me as an idiot. I need sincere answers on what is bothering me and I regard this as my number one phobia. I am a young and beautiful hard working 24 years old girl.

I am not in any relationship because I have a phobia of being hurt. I know I have a lovely personality that will make people want to come around me.

I just can't date any guy because I believe all men are cheats and heart breakers. I don't want any guy to hurt or break my heart and that is what has been holding me down from being in a serious relationship.

I had to share this because in the last eight months, I have had more admirers than ever. I don't know how to go about dating because I don't want to be hurt. How can I convince myself that I won't get hurt?
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