Friday, August 22, 2014

Is this Britain's noisiest street? Hundreds of aircraft soar just 40ft above rooftops of Myrtle Avenue at the end of Heathrow's runway

The neat street of semi-detached houses in Hounslow is just a stone's throw from Europe's busiest airport 

It's a popular spot for plane spotters who come from all over the world to watch planes land on the two runways
Road is one of the closest residential streets to the airport's southern runway, with planes flying low over houses
Around 1,280 flights a day come in and out of Heathrow, mostly between 6am and 11pm
An A380 Airbus Super Jumbo comes into land over rooftops at Heathrow Airport South runway
Planes coming in to land over Myrtle Avenue, Hounslow, one of the noisiest streets in Britain
Behemoth: An Emirates planes coming in to land over Myrtle Avenue, Hounslow , believed to be one of the Noisiest Streets in Britain
Neighbours: The road is one of the closest streets to the airport's busy southern runway at just 100 yards from the airport perimeter, with planes regularly flying low over the houses as they jet off and come in to land
Currently there are around 1,280 arrivals flights coming in and out of Heathrow every day, mostly between 6am and 11pm, with the airport alternating the runway used by landing aircraft in a bid to provide noise relief for those living nearby. Airlines are also fined if their planes breach noise restrictions set at 94 decibels during the day, and 87 at night.