Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Turning the other cheek! Clear pictures of Nick Cannon's religious tattoo cover up of estranged wife Mariah Carey's name revealed for the first time Nick Cannon wants the world to know when it comes to his split from Mariah Carey, he has Jesus on his side.

The 33-year-old first showed a sneak peak of the very large tattoo he needed to cover up his existing ink of his soon-to-be ex's name last week, but on Monday in Los Angeles, California, the star's new addition was seen clearly for the first time - and it is a doozy.
With such huge lettering to cover - he got Mariah tattooed across the top of his back as a wedding present in 2008 - the only way to get rid of the tattoo was to go even bigger.

Oh Jesus! Nick Cannon's new ink covering up a tattoo of estranged wife Mariah Carey's name was seen clearly for the first time on Monday in Los Angeles, California

And bigger and bolder is certainly what the Drumline actor went for.

Stepping out shirtless after a workout at the gym, the new tattoo was revealed in all its religious glory.
While the huge detailed line drawing of Jesus on the cross, which stretches down his back, is hard to miss doing the real work to hide Mariah's name is the image of a dove.
Me time: The 33-year-old stepped out shirtless after a gym work out showing more than just his ripped body

With its wings outstretched from behind it explodes a heavily shaded pattern inspired by the way heavenly light is shown on stain glass windows.

While the curl on the end of the H is just visible, the heavy pattern distracts from it and completely obliterates the rest of the old tattoo.

So extensive is the work that it would have taken at least 10 gruelling hours in the tattoo artist's chair.
All gone: The tattoo features a huge line drawing of Jesus on the cross, while the image of a dove and a heavily patterned background obliterates the singer's name 
The before: The 33-year-old got the original tattoo in 2008 just before his wedding to Mariah, the couple are seen here honeymooning in Barbados

Mariah will not face the same problem, as while she followed suit and also got inked up just prior to their wedding, the 44-year-old chose a much more subtle ink dedication with 'Mrs Cannon' vertically written in tiny letters on the thorax of a butterfly on her lower back. 
But ten hours of pain appears to be a lot easier than the actual split between Nick and his hitmaker wife.

Despite announcing they had separated in August the couple - who share twins Moroccan and Monroe - are still at odds with Mariah accusing Nick of cheating in song on Saturday night.
Opening up: Two months since her split was revealed, the pop star, pictured with Trey Lorenz, broke her silence in song about why they called it quits on their six year marriage during her Tokyo concert on Saturday
Other things on her mind: The songstress looked in a great mood on Tuesday as she and her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, flew out of Narita Airport in Japan 

While performing a cover of the Billie Holiday hit Don't Explain during her Japanese concert, the 44-year-old added her own very angry line

In a recording of the performance posted on YouTube by fan Roy Fernando the star can be heard singing, 'I know you cheated motherf***er!' around four and half minutes into the song.

Billie wrote Don’t Explain about her then-husband Jimmy Monroe when he came home with lipstick on his collar.
Love is not forever: The actor first revealed his extensive ink in a blurry video filmed while he partied at Playhouse Nightclub on Thursday in Hollywood