Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Deluged: Although Winter Storm Juno failed to live up to its hype in New York City, it was a very different story in many parts of New England. Wind-driven seas caused severe flooding along some roadways in coastal Massachusetts including in Scituate (pictured)
Recovery: A resident removes items from his home following severe floods along the coast in Brant Rock, Massachusetts, on Tuesday
Evacuation: US Army soldier Jennifer Bruno carries some belongings away from her house (center rear) that was severely damaged when 80-100 foot section of a Marshfield sea wall in Massachusetts collapsed on Tuesday, causing nearby streets and homes to flood
Upset: A crying Ms Bruno is hugged by her friend, Taylor Millar (left), after she was forced to leave her house due to water damage
Icy: A man walks his dog past an ocean-front house that is covered in ice during Storm Juno, which has not lived up to its forecast
Braving the snow: The man, who did not give his name, was donning a red woolly hat, a warm coast and sturdy shoes for the dog walk
Prepared for the weather: The area worst hit by Juno was the state of Massachusetts, which endured up to a huge 30 inches of snow in the town of Framingham, with wind gusts topping 75mph. Above, a snowmobiler drives along a street in Boston on Tuesday morning
Buried: This photo, showing a car is hidden under snow in a yard, was taken seven to eight hours into the blizzard in Massachusetts
No driving: Cars are pictured buried beneath drifted snow from Winter Storm Juno in Marlborough, Massachusetts, on Tuesday
Shoveling snow: Ryan Whitehead (left) shovels his driveway on Culter Street in Winthrop, Massachusetts, following overnight snow
Getting around: A woman is pictured cross-country skiing past a snow plow during the blizzard in Boston, Massachusetts, on Tuesday
Wrapped up: Total snow accumulation was expected to exceed two feet in most of Massachusetts, potentially making it one of the top snowstorms of all time. Above, a man walks down a snow-covered street in Winthrop as Winter Storm Juno continues to strike the area
A trio of Massachusetts children gather around a pipe amid snow (left) while a vehicle is completely buried in the white stuff (right)
Making the most of the weather: Will Adam, 14, snowboards down a street on Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts, on Tuesday
Storm: Juno, which hit the east coast of the US, is seen at peak intensity in a NOAA image taken from the Suomi NPP satellite over the New York and Boston regions at 1:45 am EST (06:45 GMT) on Tuesday. The storm dropped more than two feet of snow on some areas
Clearing up: The storm heaped more than a foot of snow on parts of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and New York state. Above, Glenn McNally uses a snow blower to clear the sidewalk in front of his home in Norwich, Connecticut
Daring to drive: A car slowly makes its way along the I-95 in New Haven, Connecticut, on Tuesday as Juno struck the eastern state
Safety measure: A switch heater is pictured in Devon, Connecticut. When switched on, it prevents snow and ice from accumulating on the switch where two sets of rails come together. The dark area in the center of the photo shows that the snow has been melted so that track switches will work properly. Switches are pieces of running rail that move, allowing trains to change from one track to another
Having fun: In New York City, millions had hunkered down for the 'historic' blizzard. However, it failed to live up to expectations. Above, Bianca Hillier (left), of Columbus, Ohio, and Eloise Pollard of London make snow angels at West 34th Street in New York on Tuesday
Braving the elements: A New Yorker walks through the city ahead of the storm, which did not escalate on Tuesday as expected
Not living up to its hype: A worker clears snow from the steps of Columbia University's Low Library in front of the statue of Alma Mater

A cold walk: Orion the dog dons a camouflage-colored jacket and winter shoes as he walks through Central Park with his owners

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