Friday, September 14, 2012

BBQ:WILLSON WOODS PARK. 8 Bradford Rd, Mt. Vernon,

1. BBQ:WILLSON WOODS PARK. 8 Bradford Rd, Mt. Vernon, NY 10550
September 22, 2012 at 2:00 Pm
It has been two and a half month since we had the first election of our Organization,and we all agree that we are heading to the right direction. BBQ on Saturday Sept. 22. We all know we can't dig deep to our organization's funds. We are asking every one of us to come out and make this one of the best last day of the summer. Please bring food or drinks and invite a friend to come out and join us so they can see the difference. Among other things you may volunteer to bring food like Chicken, beef Kebab (marinated), water, Ice cubes, Fruits salad, Maandazi, chapati na chochote. Bring your kids to play!!

If have any question please you may contact out team
Shabani - 347 712 8539
James Lupembe - 917 292 8976
Mzee temba - 347 4896532
Mariam - 914 316 2814
Mao - 917 709 6889

Leadership Team
Executive Committee