Thursday, January 10, 2013


DG of TANAPA Allan Kijazi (left) in a jovial mood after being presented with an NDC-Tanzania Emblem from College Secretary Col. Sylivester Minja
DG of TANAPA Allan Kijazi (left) presenting a souveniour to the NDC-Tanzania Secretary Col. Sylivester Minja
NDC-Tanzania delegation in a group picture with the management of TANAPA
Course participants from the National Defence College of Tanzania met with the management of Tanzania National Parks and discuss various issues related to tourism sector and its implications to the national security.
A delegation of six senior officials from various government organs were briefed by the Director General of TANAPA Allan Kijazi that currently TANAPA is embarking on exploring new emerging markets of Russia; Japan; China and India where Tanzanian embassies have been financially facilitated to promote tourist attractions in the parks and thus be able to attract more visitors.
During the discussion the delegation was eagerly to know on the status of the poaching crisis in the parks. Mr. Kijazi briefed the course participants that poaching has now moved from subsistence poaching to commercial poaching where there is now an international network which facilitates poaching activities by offering substantial amount of money and other necessary resources. The already available market for the poached stuffs also triggered the crisis.
However, a delegation from NDC was told that TANAPA is currently putting more emphasis on the intelligence aspect which helps in gathering information regarding poaching to as far as outside its boundaries as a proactive initiative. “We are also equipping our park rangers with modern techniques by conducting trainings as well as buying them modern weapons to use in the field” said Kijazi.
National Defence College is an inter-service (defence-civil) which was established with an aim to equip Defence and Government policy markers with requisite economical; political; military; scientific; international relations and national knowledge necessary for understanding of national security in its internal and external dynamics.
The delegation in Arusha comprised of Colonel Sylvester Minja who is a College Secretary and the Course Participants were Brigadier General Clemence Kahama; Colonel Richard Makanzo; Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdulrahman Kaniki; Assistant Commissioner of Prison Charles Mkumbo and Mr. Hassan Kombo. Canzo;Fullshangwe Blog