Monday, February 11, 2013

'Jealousy makes you a hater!' Biggest Loser star Ajay Rochester makes a statement as she pushes her swimsuit to the limit

Sending a message: Former Biggest Loser presenter Ajay Rochester is proud of her curves if the vest she wore in Los Angeles is anything to go by.

However she looked far from the inspirational figure who shot to fame in her native Australia after shedding 110 pounds.

The 43-year-old's achievement won her the role hosting the popular weight loss show down under for four seasons from 2006 to 2009, and she went on to write a string of best-selling books.

In fact it looked like she had put much of it back on as she plodded around the streets with her pooch as she enjoyed a relaxing holiday.

And she pushed her burgundy coloured swimsuit to the absolute limit as she headed to the beach after her stroll.
Getting in shape: Dog walking is a great form of exercise that will do her good in the long run
Beached: The former reality television favourite looked like she was enjoying the California sunshine
Ironically she quaffed away on a bottle of Diet Coke as she enjoyed the California sunshine.

The former actress, who starred with Russell Crowe in 1980's The Crossing, blamed her mother's death and her estrangement from her adopted mother for her dangerous obsession with food, which saw her weight hit 286 pounds.

She said: 'I was seriously obese and, when I lost my mum, I spiralled even further.

'There were lots of punishments around food. If I didn't eat everything on my plate, my adopted mother used to force the food into my mouth and hold it closed. 
A step in the right direction: At less the extremely curvy star was quaffing away on a bottle of Diet Coke

'When my birth mum died, I used food as it was the only support system I had.'

However old habits die hard, and she piled on the pounds after her stint on the show came to an end.

She returned to Australian TV last year on another weight loss show called Excess Baggage, where she beat off Kevin Federline to take the title.
Big change: She looked a million miles away from the inspiration figure who motivated thousands in 2007