Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mtandao wa Rwanda wadai Rais Kikwete si Mtanzania Original

Mtandao wa News of Rwanda juzi umeandika makala yenye kichwa cha habari, ‘If President Kikwete is Tanzanian, then most Rwandans being expelled are Tanzanians too’ na kuandika kile linachodai kuwa Rais Kikwete anaweza kuwa na asili ya Burundi.

Kwa mujibu wa wazee wa Burundi waliohojiwa na mtandao huo, umedai Rais Kikwete anaweza kuwa na asili ya Giteka, Burundi.

“They are of Rwandan origin, but speak Kirundi and solely prefer to be viewed as Burundians. By virtual of that country’s laws, they are indeed Burundians,” limeandika.
So where did President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete come from? 

There are no original residents of Bagamoyo in Tanzania where Kikwete’s parents are traced. Most people from that area are remnants of slaves who were seem as unfit for the market during the slave trade era. 

Bagamoyo formally (Bwagamoyo) was one of the biggest slave trade centres in East Africa and people were being traded from various areas of East Africa. For those of Bagamoyo, however, almost all came from Burundi and Zaire.

Historical discourse shows that most Tanzanians are from other neighbouring countries. The Ngoni people came from Zulu land in South Africa; Yao used to belong to Mwanamtapa Kingdom; Arabs of Unguja and Pemba Irelands in Zanzibar came from Oman during the rule of Sultan Sayid Said.

Chaga, Maasai and Meru people of Northern Tanzania are traced in Kenya; Hangaza people from Burundi; Haya people from Uganda; Waha (Ha people) arrived in from Zaire and Burundi; the Makonde people (tribe of former Tanzania President Benjamin William Mkapa) came from Mozambique; Nyasa People relocated from Malawi; almost all Mara region dwellers came from Kenya and the list can cover about 80percent of all Tanzanians.

The Singida and some Arusha people like Warangi, Wasandawe, Wabaebaig, Wairaq and Hadzabe are not Bantus, but Semi Nilotic who found themselves in that country after immigration for survival.

Tanzania’s current Constitution states that all people who were present in 1961 from 00.00 mid night during Tanganyika Independence are legally Tanzanians despite their vast origins. It is beyond comprehension therefore why Rwandans who were in Tanganyika from 1959 and before are being evicted as illegal immigrants.

Elderly women are being rounded up at gun point with nothing on them, and forced out to the Rwanda-Tanzania border. The children they had with Tanzania men are remaining, because according to President Kikwete, the children are Tanzanian and not their mother. The same thing is happening to men married to Tanzanian women.