Thursday, January 16, 2014

Buns of steel! Coco Austin reveals how she keeps her famous curves in check as she posts a revealing photo of her impressive pole fitness moves

Poster girl: Coco Austin showed off her impressive pole dancing moves in a rather revealing Instagram photo on Wednesday as she demonstrated how she keeps her famous curves in check
That's right, the star incorporates a sexy stripper pole into her exercise routine - and she's not half bad at it.
In the image, Coco is upside down, with all her weight on her hands as the shiny metal pole rests between the cheeks of her bottom.
Her legs are bent and toes perfectly pointed as she gives her whole body a workout.
The former Las Vegas PeepShow burlesque star is minimally dressed for the class, in a black and grey bra top, miniscule black shorts that completely expose her pert derrière and footless black tights that finish mid-thigh.
The most Googled booty on the internet: The 34-year-old has made a career out of her ample curves, most recently launching a fitness app called CoCo's Workout World
'Ready for a pic?' she teased her Twitter fans before following it up with the pole-dancing snap.

'Pole Fitness is a form of art! There's so much expression involved. I take The "Power Moves" class in Edgewater NJ,' she informed her more than one million followers.

Capitalising on her famous curvy physique, the star - who has the most Googled booty on the internet - has just launched her own fitness app, called CoCo's Workout World. 

Far from being your typical old-school Jane Fonda-style aerobics video, Coco explained to Perez Hilton that she's incorporated 'moves that I have done my entire life'.
'A day in Cocosworld is serious...': The star recently shared this Twitter photo with her more than one million followers, showing her amazing core strength and flexibility as she worked up a sweat with a challenging pole fitness class
'I've been in dance class my whole childhood, so I incorporated dance moves, dance stretching and bodybuilding. It's personally stuff I've done to stay in shape,' she explains. 'It might not work for everybody, but it's worked for me.'
Those moves include the 'booty shake', which Miley Cyrus has made famous for a new generation with the term twerking.
'Back in the day, it was known as booty shaking,' Coco says. 'It's just a fun way to move your body and a lot of girls ask how you do it. We just incorporated a fun couple of moves [into the app] and incorporated an actual routine.'

Caution, dangerous curves ahead! The model slipped into a figure-hugging pair of high-waisted jeans and a clingy baby pink T-shirt as she hit the shops in Hollywood on Sunday with husband Ice-T