Sunday, February 23, 2014

Naked ambition: Hundreds of skinny dippers attempt world record for the largest nude ocean swim on Sydney beach.

More than 700 people took to the Tasman Sea in Sydney, Australia, in possibly the largest ever mass skinny dip
Proud: One reveller strides out of the water after a 900m swim to grab his towel and head to the live music
Starting at 8am, the revellers deposited their clothes on the beach before swimming 900 metres around the diamond-shaped Middle Head island by Sydney's coast.
Three competitors with 'Skinny' written on the bottoms enter the water at the start of the event
It is the second annual Sydney Skinny event, raising money for Australia's National Parks
The crowds handed their clothes to people on the beach before standing nude in the summer sun
Speaking ahead of the event, one skinny dipper said: 'We are born naked. who cares who sees your body – be naked with nature for a great cause. The more the merrier...'
Three competitors wait for the start of the swim clad in nothing but swimming caps