Saturday, March 8, 2014

Acting her age! Courtney Stodden is carefree as she shows off her cartwheeling skills... on the beach in a bikini

Who knew she was so talented? Courtney Stodden threw herself face first into the sand as she performed a few cartwheels like a total pro at a beach in Ventura, California on Thursday
Young and wild and free! The 19-year-old ran through the sand like a baby animal
But it appeared Courtney, who underwent a breast augmentation last year, could perhaps do with investing in a new bikini.
Her gold two-piece looked slightly too small for the blonde.
But that didn't worry Courtney.
Carefree she skipped, jumped and threw herself in the air, high above the sandy surface.
The newly single reality star allowed her bleached locks tumble down around her shoulders in a breezy side parting.
Angular: The teen made her limbs go this way and that to complete the famous 'cartwheel'
Trying for your portfolio? The 19-year-old dug holes as she chatted on her cell phone