Friday, March 7, 2014

Manhattan Madam who 'booked prostitutes for Eliot Spitzer' could spend up to five years in jail after pleading guilty to selling drugs Kristin Davis has accepted a plea deal for one of the four drug charges she faced after her August 2013 arrest

The former madam was caught in an undercover operation selling prescription pills including oxycodone and amphetamines

She only admitted to selling sleeping pills in muscle relaxers in her deal
She was in jail for four months after her prostitution ring was busted during the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal in 2008
Davis could face up to five years in jail on this latest charge but her attorney said that he hopes she won't end up behind bars
Making a deal: Kristin Davis agreed to a deal where she will be charged with only one of the four counts of illegal drug sales that she faces (seen here outside of court in January)

Avoiding prison: She has not yet had her sentence handed down but her lawyer hopes that she can stay out on probation rather than serve the maximum of five years
The New York Post reports that as part of the deal, she only plead guilty to one of the four counts.

The count that she accepted was connected to the sale of sleeping pills and muscle relaxers as opposed to the other charges which involved oxycodone and amphetamines. 

She previously told Judge Edgardo Ramos that she had the prescription pills because there was a multi-year stretch when she was heavily medicated but now she only uses Ambien as a sleeping aid. 

Between January and April of last year, she was caught selling the pills to a dealer who she had previously bought drugs from.
New lady: Davis was sentenced to jail for her work as a madam during the Spitzer prostitution scandal, and she has used her role as his alleged madam as part of her backstory in two political campaigns (Spitzer pictured last month with his new girlfriend)
What Davis did not know at the time was that the dealer had been arrested in 2012 and was working as an informant for the state.

'Today Ms. Davis took responsibility for her actions,' her lawyer Dan Hochheiser said after the deal was announced Friday. 

Mr Hochheiser said that he hopes she will actually be able to avoid jail time all together but that will not be finalized until her sentencing hearing on July 25.

He said that she hopes to 'get on with her life' and go back to school but he did not explain her plans any further.
Failed campaign: Davis ran in the New York gubernatorial race in 2010 and lost to Andrew Cuomo (pictured that year)
Davis, 38, previously served four months in jail in 2008 for promoting prostitution and was arrested amid then-New York Governor Spitzer's prostitution scandal.

She went on to run for governor in 2010, and there was speculation that she had been given political support from Spitzer's political enemies.

Throughout her campaign, she touted how she had paid her price for her role in the prostitution scandal and repeatedly criticized Spitzer for never having been found on criminal charges.

She followed him back to the political arena last summer, and announced that she was running as a libertarian candidate when he made his bid to be New York City's next comptroller.

Her campaign never materialized and Spitzer ended up losing to Scott Stringer.