Thursday, January 31, 2013

Serbian prime minister left speechless when glamorous interviewer has ‘Sharon Stone moment’ during TV prank

London, Jan. 31 (ANI): Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic was taken aback after his pantyless female interviewer uncrossed her legs in a prank, which reflected of Sharon Stone’s famous scene from her movie ‘Basic Instinct.’
The Prime Minister stumbles over his words but cannot avoid a cheeky smile
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The word “censored” flashes up on the screen to hide the interviewer’s modesty while the smiling PM looked thrown by the turn of events, the Mirror reported.

The PM was invited to speak about the political situation in the Balkans and Serbia’s adherence to the European Union. Instead, Ivica Dacic ended up in front of a fake journalist featuring a good-looking silhouette and a very sexy outfit. In fact, she was an actress hired to play a farce to the Serbian politician.
A close-up shot reveals the presenter’s wardrobe indiscretion but fortunately her lack of modesty is censored for the viewers

As can be seen in the video footage, before the prank interview, the hostess took care to give up her underwear in order to remake Basic Instinct’s renowned scene played by Sharon Stone.

The trick was planned for an online Serbian prank show called Nemoguca Misija (translated as “Mission Impossible”).